Law of internationales organisations


Assistance to the Legal and Human Resources Departments of international organisations.

Stéphanie Zurawski advises the Legal and Human Resources Departments of international organisations, primarily in France and Switzerland. She also assists with implementing internal legal documents.

In recent years, Stéphanie Zurawski assisted an international organisation in drafting new staff regulations. She advises clients on anticipating future disputes, collective claims by personnel, and drafting communications with sensitive content that has legal repercussions, etc.

Law of international organisations

  • Treaties
  • Forms of immunity
  • Domestic law:
    – Drafting of documents (directives, instructions, memoranda, charters, regulations, etc.)
    – Interpretation, cases with intersecting applicable laws, analysis of legal risks, etc.
  • Communication with legal ramifications
  • Due diligence reviews
  • Prevention of collective disputes (claims) involving personnel
  • Problématiques concernant le personnel (voir Droit de la Fonction publique internationale)